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Why confine yourself to what is possible in the real world when you can do the impossible with animation? Some stories require something extraordinary and can only be told through the use of motion graphics, 2d animation or 3d animation. Use animation to create characters, locations and whole worlds and craft the perfect experience for your audience. We’ve worked with businesses and organisations across multiple sectors to create animation videos that deliver important messages and vital information.

Animation videos are a great way of relaying complex information, here are just some of the industries where it can be used:

✓ Science and medical
✓ Research and development
✓ Products and manufacturing
✓ Technology and computing
✓ Health and beauty
✓ Education and e-learning
✓ Financial sector
✓ Charities

Some popular types of animation videos


They may be simple but that’s not to say that motion graphic videos aren’t effective. Using shapes, colours and icons you can convey important information whilst at the same time making sure that your audience don’t wander off.


Some stories can’t be told with motion graphics and require something a little more complex. With 2d animations you can create characters, buildings or even whole cities if you want and engage your audience in a world of your creation.


If you need to detail a complex process or show a product that doesn’t yet exist then a 3d animation can help you do this. With it you can recreate products, demonstrate prototypes and show processes that would be impossible to capture on camera.

Examples of animation videos we've produced

How we can help

Concept and ideas

Narrative development

Character and asset creation


Hi-res delivery

"Broken Physics Productions recently created three animated videos to use as marketing assets. With a very short deadline, and an entirely new brand guidelines to incorporate; Broken Physics followed our brief and delivered three high-quality, on-message videos. They were both reliable and easy to liaise with. The results are three assets which we will use heavily in all of our future marketing strategies."

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