Using voiceover to drive your storytelling

12 May, 2020By CraigMarketing, Video Marketing

Using voiceover to drive your storytelling One thing that you may have noticed of late is the amount of videos that have been created within the strict limitations of Covid-19. Rather than simply ceasing all content creation, brands and charities have been using video as a tool of communicating with their audience in this difficult … Read More

Finding your why

21 April, 2020By CraigBusiness Tips, Marketing, Video Marketing

Finding your why If you’ve spent any time with a toddler or young child then you’re probably sick to death of the question why. It’s probably rattling around in your head, and you’re probably exhausted from trying to come up with creative and insightful answers that will finally satisfy said toddler (which I’ve come to … Read More

4 ways you can repurpose footage

24 March, 2020By CraigMarketing, Video Marketing

4 ways you can repurpose your footage One question that sometimes comes up when talking about video production is around versatility and viability for businesses. For example, once a video is edited together and final version created, does that mean that this video can only be used for one purpose from there on out? Behind … Read More

A Career In Video Production – First Steps

13 February, 2020By CraigGeneral, Tips and Tricks

A Career In Video Production – First Steps Finding your first job or winning your first client is something that plays on the minds of pretty much everyone who goes into video production. When you think about it, it really does seem like a mammoth task. With so many companies and freelancers already out there, … Read More

3 Reasons Small Business Owners Need More Breaks

10 October, 2019By CraigGeneral

3 Reasons Small Business Owners Need More Breaks When you run a small business, the thought of leaving it behind to enjoy yourself for any period of time can be daunting. There’s the unshakeable feeling that if you’re not there, you’ll miss an email for the best job of your life or there will be … Read More

Creating successful videos.

19 January, 2019By CraigGeneral

How to successfully work with a video production company in 2019 Over the last five years of working in video production we’ve been fortunate to work with some great clients and to form a number of meaningful and long lasting working relationships. During that time, we’ve learned a number of important lessons on how to … Read More

Southampton Hospital Charity Video

10 May, 2018By CraigProjects

We’re proud members of our local community, and have been working with community organisations on charity video projects since we started Broken Physics Productions, which is why we were delighted to be asked to be a part of this project. University Hospital Southampton is such a vital part of our city and the wider local … Read More

Video Production Glossary

6 November, 2016By CraigGeneral

Sometimes videographers forget who they’re talking to and make the assumption that everyone knows the ins and outs of video like they do. It’s important that everyone is on the same page when talking about creating a video and so we’ve created a handy video production glossary to help you with terminology you might not … Read More

Camcorder vs DSLR

2 April, 2014By CraigEquipment 3 Comments

It’s a big decision; you’re just starting out or you’re working on a low budget and you have to pick the right camera. 99% of us just don’t have the money to buy absolutely everything we want in terms of gear so we have to be very careful about our choices. Having worked with both … Read More