People centric stories

29 April, 2020By EmmaMarketing, Video Marketing

Putting people at the heart of your stories I’m going to start this blog by asking a very simple question: are you using people as part of your stories? For me, this key question is the route of many problems for organisations when they’re looking to tell stories that really connect with audiences. Not every … Read More

How to tell a story quickly

31 March, 2020By EmmaMarketing, Video Marketing

How to tell a story quickly Storytelling is a really powerful way of connecting with and moving people, but the problem that we face as storytellers nowadays is that people don’t always have the time to hear them. A lot of our audiences are now time poor, and this means that we have to adapt … Read More

Project Round-Up: Small Charities Video

28 January, 2020By EmmaProjects

Who Small Charities Coalition Are Small Charities Coalition are an organisation with 9000 members from across the UK. These members work in a wide range of sectors, helping a diverse cross-section of society in the process. They work to support the small and micro charities that are operating in every community in the country, the … Read More

Why We Ask For Your Video Budget

7 October, 2019By EmmaGeneral

Why We Ask For Your Video Budget With almost every video project, there comes a time where you have to discuss the budget, it just becomes unavoidable. As soon as the word comes up, there can be a change in mood, a noticeable tension as the client tries to work out the intention behind you … Read More

What is a social enterprise?

26 February, 2019By EmmaGeneral

In 2019 we made a commitment to be more active and engaged members of our community and to make sure that we were doing our best to make a positive social impact in our local area. This has always been a part of our mission, but we wanted to take this commitment one step further … Read More

Preparing for your video interview.

19 January, 2019By EmmaGeneral

Preparing for your video interview We understand that doing a video interview for the first time can be a nerve wracking experience, especially when you don’t know what to expect. So we’ve put together a comprehensive list of best practices when answering questions, tips on what you should wear to your interview and what you … Read More

Our hopes for 2019.

8 January, 2019By EmmaGeneral

Our hopes for 2019. 2018 was a great year for us. We performed well financially, we worked on a host of projects that we can be really proud of and we learned a lot about ourselves and the work that we do. It’s that time of year where we not only look back on the … Read More