Using voiceover to drive your storytelling

12 May, 2020By CraigMarketing, Video Marketing

Using voiceover to drive your storytelling One thing that you may have noticed of late is the amount of videos that have been created within the strict limitations of Covid-19. Rather than simply ceasing all content creation, brands and charities have been using video as a tool of communicating with their audience in this difficult … Read More

People centric stories

29 April, 2020By EmmaMarketing, Video Marketing

Putting people at the heart of your stories I’m going to start this blog by asking a very simple question: are you using people as part of your stories? For me, this key question is the route of many problems for organisations when they’re looking to tell stories that really connect with audiences. Not every … Read More

Finding your why

21 April, 2020By CraigBusiness Tips, Marketing, Video Marketing

Finding your why If you’ve spent any time with a toddler or young child then you’re probably sick to death of the question why. It’s probably rattling around in your head, and you’re probably exhausted from trying to come up with creative and insightful answers that will finally satisfy said toddler (which I’ve come to … Read More

How to tell a story quickly

31 March, 2020By EmmaMarketing, Video Marketing

How to tell a story quickly Storytelling is a really powerful way of connecting with and moving people, but the problem that we face as storytellers nowadays is that people don’t always have the time to hear them. A lot of our audiences are now time poor, and this means that we have to adapt … Read More

4 ways you can repurpose footage

24 March, 2020By CraigMarketing, Video Marketing

4 ways you can repurpose your footage One question that sometimes comes up when talking about video production is around versatility and viability for businesses. For example, once a video is edited together and final version created, does that mean that this video can only be used for one purpose from there on out? Behind … Read More