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The power of a well told story is not to be underestimated or overlooked and charity videos can be an impactful way of telling them. Whether you’re looking to mobilise a group of people, to find new funding sources and donations or looking to demonstrate the impact of a community project, film and video is a effective way of doing so. We’ve worked with non-profit and charity organisations across a wide range of sectors to tell stories of positive change and social impact. We’ve helped with funding bids for hospitals, documented important culture projects for at risk young people and demonstrated the importance of preserving art and culture. Charities do great work and tackle a wide range of important issues facing us today, however they often struggle to tell their own story effectively and this is where we can help.

Film and video is a diverse way of telling stories, here are just some of the sectors where charity videos can be used:

✓ Arts and culture
✓ Museums and external learning
✓ Schools, colleges and universities
✓ Hospitals, hospices and care facilities
✓ Outreach programmes
✓ Human and animal welfare
✓ Human rights and social justice
✓ Environmental protection and conservation
✓ Research organisations
✓ Foundations

Some popular types of charity videos


Campaigns are a vital tool for charity and non-profit organisations for reaching out and finding new audiences. Making sure that your campaign is impactful and engaging is key to success and utilising a visual medium like video can be the missing piece of the puzzle. A video can be your opportunity to show your audience the good work you do rather than just tell them.


Spreading broad messages is an effective way of building audiences but sometimes it can be equally important to highlight specific case studies. Whether it’s a success story or highlighting a person or project that needs desperate attention, a film or video can be a particularly effective way of delivering it to your audience. It can be that extra step to help form an emotional connection and encourage action.


In order to gain support for a particular issue, you need your audience to be as informed as possible. A film or video can give all of the relative information to your audience and at the same time utilise the impact of power and emotive imagery. A powerful film can bring a particular issue to the forefront of people's minds and leave a truly lasting impression. 

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"It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Broken Physics Productions. From day one they have been professional, passionate and friendly. Whilst filming with our Children’s Hospital Wards they were patient and understanding of the issues which the environment presented. During interviews with children, families and staff they were empathetic and happily calmed any nerves. This is the first time that my team have produced an appeal video, the support of Emma and Craig made this process easy and we are delighted with the results."

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