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Storytelling and good communication are equally important in the corporate space as they are in the non-profit and charity sectors. Corporate films and videos can be powerful tools for communicating not only with your existing customers, but also with new customers and even staff members. They can establish you as a trustworthy brand and emphasise that you are passionate about what you do and are an expert in your chosen industry. We’ve worked extensively in the corporate space with a variety of businesses and organisations to create content that engages audiences, and we can help you do the same.

Film and video is a diverse way of telling stories, here are just some of the industries where corporate films can be used:

✓ Research and development
✓ Marketing and PR
✓ Communications and sales
✓ Design and manufacturing
✓ Technology and computing
✓ Financial sector
✓ Health and beauty
✓ Science and technology
✓ Sports and fitness

Some popular types of corporate films and videos


Hearing from your customers is helpful both from an internal review point of view, but also as an important piece of marketing. Using video you can concisely curate your best customer feedback and present it in an entertaining and engaging way, building brand confidence and converting potential customers.


Rather than only showcasing broad customer opinion, sometimes digging deeper into one particular customer relationship is a helpful approach. With a video you can effectively tell the story of your working relationship together whilst at the same time encouraging others to strike up a new one with you.


If you’re looking to explain one particular topic, service or product then an explainer video can be a powerful way of doing this. It’s a different and much more engaging way of delivering content that would traditionally be delivered through text. It’s a neat package of information that can be played, paused and replayed as your viewer wishes.

Examples of corporate films and videos we've produced

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