An update about our services and safety practices during Covid-19

We're still here and fully operational. At Broken Physics Productions we've adapted how we work to ensure we can still help you tell the stories that matter, whilst ensuring the safety of both our staff and our clients. Below outlines how we have adapted the way we work during Covid-19.


We are still offering our full pre-production services, however we would ask that for the foreseeable future, face-to-face contact is limited to a necessity. Instead we would ask that kick-off meetings and discussions about projects are held via phone, video call or e-mail. It's still important for us to have these meetings to define the direction and purpose of your story, we just need to tweak the way in which they're held. 

From here we can help you plan your perfect video with discussions around ideas, narrative structure, scheduling for shoots and script assistance via Google Documents, where both us and you, the client, can make changes and adaptions to these documents.


We understand that at the moment filming may not be a safe option for every company, but where it can be done safely, we are still able to offer our full range of filming services. Below we have outlined how we, as a company, have adapted these services to stay in line with Covid-19 social distancing.

Our filming equipment will be wiped down and disinfected between every job.
We would ask that no one other than the film crew handle the equipment, both during filming or whilst loading/unloading equipment into your workspace. We would ask that you allot more time to allow us to set up as result of this.
Masks will be provided to our film crews and worn at all times.
All crew members will have hand sanitiser readily available, but will also wash their hands as frequently as possible.
Long lenses will be used to ensure we can keep a safe, 2 metre, distance from the subjects.
We would ask that all interviews be solo interviews only, with no group/pairs being interviewed together.
We are able to film in all outdoor and open spaces.
We can film inside where it's possible to keep a 2m distance from subjects e.g. spacious factories, empty venues or in workspaces where it is possible to move around whilst still keeping a 2 metre distance from your staff. 

Post Production

All of our post-production services are operating as normal. For the foreseeable future we will be unable to offer any face-to-face reviewing or round up meetings and request that these are held over e-mail, phone or video call and that all feedback is provided via our online review platform. 

We can provide edits using: 

New footage shot with social distancing measures in place.
Existing footage we've already filmed for you.
Existing footage and photographs from your archives.
Footage or photos you can take from your remote working space.
Text graphics, motion graphics and/or animation.
Stock footage from stock footage sources.