Find out more about how to tell your story through documentary film.


Whether you’re looking to shed light onto an important social issue, highlight an outreach programme or tell the story of a remarkable individual, documentary films are a great way to do this. By using a visual medium like film or video, you can relay a detailed and complex narrative in an engaging way. This means you have a golden opportunity to leave your audience with important messages and to leave a lasting impression on them. We’ve worked with a wide range of organisations, from local community groups to widely known charities, to produce engaging documentaries and we can work with you to help tell your story through film and video.

Documentaries can be a great way to engage, inform and educate your audience. Below are just a few subjects that can be tackled with documentary:

✓ Human interest
✓ Social issues
✓ Art and artists
✓ Community and culture
✓ Historial documentation
✓ Animals and nature
✓ Environmental and health
✓ Science and technology
✓ Sports and fitness


Some popular types of documentaries


With long standing social programmes it’s just as important to show the impact you’re making as it is to make the impact itself. With a documentary you can tell the complete story of the project, relay evidence and give first hand accounts to truly emphasise the good the project has done.


Sometimes engaging your audience is half the battle, and a documentary can be an effective way of doing this. In the process of telling a story, you can captivate your audience, making them more receptive to you as a brand and increasing the chances of them returning to watch future videos or films.


When you’re looking to highlight a particular issue and make change in the world, you need a tool to engage with people and find new audiences. A documentary can give a clear picture of the issue at hand. It can outline key points, tell personal stories and compel others to take action and make change.

How we can help

Concept and ideas

Narrative development

Filming and project execution

Editing and constructing stories

Hi-res delivery

"We have recently worked with Broken Physics Productions and from interview to final submission of the film they have been an absolute delight to work with. Enthusiastic, professional with great attention to detail, passionate about their work and willing to go above and beyond to get the job done."

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