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The education sector is one that can really utilise the potential of a visual medium like video. Maintaining attention and an engaged audience is crucial when trying to inform and educate people and sometimes the traditional methods can benefit from other ways of teaching. More than that though, educational videos can bridge the gap between an institution, it’s faculty and students by giving unique and visual insights into the institution itself and it’s culture. We’ve worked across the education sector and have created films and videos designed to inspire, engage and challenge students.

Educational videos can be used by a variety of different institutions for a wide range of purposes. Some of these include:

✓ Schools
✓ Colleges
✓ Universities
✓ Pupil Referral Units
✓ Education Centres
✓ Educational outreach programmes
✓ E-learning and online courses
✓ Teaching resources

Some popular types of educational videos


Choosing the right course is a big decision for a person to make, a video can be just the tool they need to feel confident about that decision. Seeing the facilities at work and hearing from teachers and lecturers can allow people to feel confident and make the decision making process that little be easier.


Giving potential students and their parents a visual picture of what life at your institution is like can make a huge impact. Using video you can show off your facilities, introduce your staff and give a clear picture of the kind of experience applicants can expect with you.


More and more people are choosing to do their learning online and video is a great way to help them do that more effectively. Using video you can take a large amount of information and package it into something that is more manageable and that can be played, rewound and re-viewed.

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"We loved working with Broken Physics, they produced excellent work for us at the University of Winchester. Their professional, can do attitude and their creative ideas were excellent. They were able to translate concepts into fantastic videos."

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