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Video and film production

We’re Broken Physics Productions, a video and film production company based in Southampton, Hampshire. We work with businesses, charities and community organisations across multiple sectors to help identify and tell their stories and better connect with their audiences. Over the last seven years we’ve worked to develop a style and creative voice to tell stories of innovation and social impact for our clients and collaborators.

Who we work with


For us there is no ideal client, every client and collaborator offers us an opportunity to tell a new story and solve different challenges. The organisations that we work with are businesses, charities and community organisations, all looking to innovate in their industry or to create positive change in the world. We’ve created film and video content to help charities raise funds for vital services, expand the teams and services of businesses and to promote the important work and projects of community organisations. No matter the motivation or mission, everyone has a story to tell and this is who we work with.

We are a Social Enterprise


Broken Physics Productions are a social enterprise, meaning that when you work with us you’re also having a positive social impact on our local community. Alongside our video production work we offer free consultation work for charities, non-profits and social enterprises, mentor young people looking for a future career in video production and reinvest a minimum of 50% of our profits back into the areas of our company relating to our social mission. We are committed not only to telling stories in a creative and engaging way, but also to making our local community a better place.

Our culture and values

We are filmmakers and storytellers and this feeds into the philosophy of our business. For us, telling the right story is the most important thing. Every creative decision we make is done to push the narrative of the project forward. We have a wealth of filmmaking tools, but these are here to help us not to dictate the direction of our projects. At the end of a project we want to know that we’ve done everything that we possibly can and that our clients and collaborators are satisfied with the result.

Storytelling is at the heart of what we do, it drives every decision that we make and impacts all of our creative choices.

► Every good story has people at the centre of it. We work hard on being people centric so that we can find those human stories and tell them properly.

► We think collaboration is key to every project. The relationships we like to form with our clients are ones that are open and collaborative.

► Every project is different. Our crew size and equipment are completely adaptable and can change to suit the story and logistics of any project.

► Stories can really make a difference. We look to tell the stories of clients and collaborators who value innovation and social impact.

How we bring your video project to life

Every project starts with a conversation. At this stage we’re looking to find out more about you as an organisation, the people that you serve and the story that you want to tell. We’ll also be looking to find out what you’re looking to achieve from the project and how we can help.

In the film production stage we will take all of the work from the pre-production stage and begin to put your project into motion. It’s the part of the process where our experienced crew will use our highly specialised lighting, cameras and peripherals to create your film or video.

Once we have enough information, we can start formulating our ideas. We’ll share this with you and look to have an open discussion about how we can work with you to deliver the project. This process is a collaborative one, and we wont move onto production until your satisfied.

The post-production stage is where the magic happens. We’ll take the images and interviews we shot and add meaning to them by threading them into a narrative. You’ll have opportunities to provide feedback, making sure that we’re headed in the right direction.

This is the nuts and bolts stage of the process and is crucial to a successful film or video project. Here we will finalise the plans; creating schedules, call sheets and other production documents. We may also use this time to conduct pre-interviews and begin shaping your story.

Once your project is complete we can then deliver the video(s) in a variety of formats. These can either be via a digital download or in a physical format. If you require we can also upload the video(s) directly to the video hosting channel or platform of your choosing.

"We work with at risk targeted groups and vulnerable communities and every time we book the services of Broken Physics we have absolute trust and confidence in their ability to provide honest, professional and high quality production. They are a dream to work with, extremely generous with their time, flexible to our needs, communication is always clear and they actively listen to our visions. Their ability to work sensitively and stealthily where appropriate is a skill we massively respect."

Meet your creative team

Like all good stories we should start at the beginning. Founders Emma and Craig met whilst studying Film at college back in 2008. They bonded over their passion for storytelling and decided that they wanted to create a video production company that did just that. In 2013 Broken Physics Productions was born out of that desire.

We may be a young company but we’ve come a long way since our foundation. We’ve invested in outstanding equipment, worked in all kinds of industries and been recognised nationally for our achievements. We're now developing a web of creative and passionate people around us to provide our clients with the best possible service.

Video and film production is constantly changing and as such so are we. We're always exploring new avenues and new methods of storytelling so that our clients can get the results they deserve. We've progressed a lot, but we're not happy to stand still. We want to grow and develop in order to better tell our clients stories.

Film Production Crew Member

Craig McDougall

Film Production Crew Member

Emma Lieghio