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We are Broken Physics Productions, a video production and animation company offering businesses and charities in Hampshire video production, film and animation services. We’ve told stories across many industries and we can help you reach and connect with the people who matter most to you. Whether you’re looking to create a promotional video, an animation or a documentary, we have the tools and expertise to help tell your story.

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Our main focus is your end goal: we start with the outcome you’re looking to achieve and work back from there. We’re here to support your goals, to create video content that connects with your unique audience and to make something that you can be proud to put out into the world. We firmly believe that no two stories are the same, and that you’re own unique story is something that nobody else can have. We do everything we can to help you express this by approaching every project in a different way. You can feel safe in the knowledge that when we work together, you’re getting a video or animation that was created with only you and your audience in mind.

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Storytelling transcends industry, it’s universally recognisable and understood. It’s in our nature to be moved by stories, we’re programmed to seek them out and to remember the information contained within them. This hardwiring inside of us means that not only do we actively search for stories, but they also help us form meaningful connections and take action. Emotion is a powerful driver, and storytelling is an effective way of evoking this in your audience.

Your story is completely unique.

It’s the story of your business or charity, it’s your own perspective and it’s a point of view that your audience can share in.

This is the reason why organisations across the world are using storytelling. This individuality starts to build trust, which is half the battle in forming meaningful and lasting connections.

Video production and animation give you a unique opportunity to add richness and emotional detail to your story. They give your story a visual component, and can convey subtle emotions in an inspiring and engaging way. Using these as a vehicle for your storytelling will help you reach people and keep their attention so that the most important parts of your message are really making an impact on them.

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"they really took time to understand what we were trying to achieve"

As your video production company, we’re here to ask you questions and help you find the right story to tell for your audience. Our approach to any video or animation is to work in partnership and foster collaboration with the aim of telling the best possible story. We start every project by finding about you, getting to know what makes your audience tick and finding out about what you’re looking to achieve through video production. Building this relationship is important to us, we want you to feel like you have a creative video production partner that is with you 100% for this project, and any future projects.

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When you work with us you’ll be working with a video production company that combine a creative approach with outcome focussed planning to create videos that forms connections and drive action. We only begin filming a project once there is a clear frame work and an understanding between all parties as to what the outcome we’re working on together is. From here, we use our full scale video production and animation capabilities, carrying out the technical and making sure that what we’re creating with you stays on message and always has your audience in mind.

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We’ve helped Hampshire based charities raise vital funds, businesses to demonstrate their innovations and captured personal and impactful moments through documentary filmmaking.

Find out how we can help you.

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We’ve worked with a diverse range of businesses and charities in Hampshire and nationwide.
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