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Promotional videos and films are the centre piece in the wider narrative of your video marketing. They’re an opportunity for you to take your audience behind the scenes, to show them the great work that you do and to demonstrate your great passion for your industry. More than that though, it’s a visual way for you to tell the story of your business and to open up a relationship with your audience. We work with our clients and collaborators to help find their stories and work together to make sure that they’re told in the right way. We’ve worked with brands and organisations of all shapes and sizes to produce promotional films and videos and we can help you to produce the perfect one for you.

Promotional videos and films are an engaging way to tell your story, here are just some of the industries where they can be used:

✓ Sports and fitness
✓ Technology and computing
✓ Medical and care industries
✓ Education and e-learning
✓ Travel, tourism and leisure
✓ Marketing and PR
✓ Design and manufacturing
✓ Arts, culture and heritage

Some popular types of promotional videos


With content marketing subtly is key. You’re not just looking to sell to your audience, you’re looking to create an enjoyable experience to captivate and involve them in your brand. The true power in branded content is keeping your audience engaged and forming a lasting relationship.


We’re always telling stories but with a narrative commercial you have the opportunity to make even greater creative choices. Every choice is controlled and intentional and you can carefully craft the message that you’re sending to your audience.


A business overview is a video in which you really give your audience an idea of what you do. It can be showing your space, meeting your staff or explaining the philosophy of your organisation. Either way your audience will know you better after watching it.

Examples of promotional videos we've produced

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Filming and project execution

Editing and constructing stories

Hi-res delivery

"The team at Broken Physics are very talented and made quite a complex task simple. They work in a very collaborative fashion which makes translating business dialogue into visual material very fluid. They worked tirelessly to a tight deadline to deliver the project ahead of schedule. We wouldn't hesitate recommending them to others, and we will most certainly work together again."

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