Video production rates

No two projects are the same and the approach needed to tell your story in the right way will change on a project by project basis. As such we can't say for sure what your project will cost before we have a more detailed conversation with you. Below are some rough guidelines of our video production rates to give you an idea of where your project may fall.

Bracket 1
Up to £1500

This covers simplistic videos designed to relay information quickly or additional bolt-on services.

Film crew (up to 4 people)

Aerial video & photography


Talking head or testimonial

Social media content

Header videos

Logo animation

Bracket 3

This covers more long term and complex shoots that may require extra crew, long term filming and/or location & actor costs.

Complex & 3D animation

Long term projects

Long form documentary


Video series

Bulk video content & campaigns

All prices listed above are subject to VAT at 20%.

We offer special discounted rates for non-profit organisations, charities and social enterprises. Get in touch to find out how this will affect the pricing for your project.

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